Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The New Nigeria

We are about entering into a dawn where power would not be controlled by the North or South but by the so-called minorities. And this new beginning may bring a lasting peace in some quarters. However, I see my country stumbling again because we have failed to address the fundamental problems facing this country: poverty and corruption. From what I have heard and gleaned from the press, our political class differs only in the color of their attire, and they don't mean well for this country. They have never articulated any sound program; on implementation that word has not entered their thought system. We are not prepared to live in the 21st century and we are not even disturbed that we are living in the stone age ....this is the fault of the led. They have never wielded the power in them because of mere tribal and religious differences. Those differences should instead unite us because we all share in poverty. We live it out every day and night.

When shall this land see the Promised Land, when shall we see beyond Iba and Suja? When shall we behave like other countries? I pray God that we would start today to make amend. Amen.

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