Monday, May 01, 2006


I thank Nigerian government for their new development plan for the people of the oil producing states. However, I would say that what the poor masses are asking of is an "Exit from Poverty" .They need to be empowered economically through multiple means.First, I would like the real village people that have oil in their communities to be the beneficiaries .Government should help them to become shareholders in the oil wells in their neighborhoods. They may be allowed to own up to 10% through an investment vehicle-where each family in a community would be a shareholder. There should be a clause that would make it impossible to sell shares. This investment vehicle must invest at least 20% of its capital in the stock exchange for future generation. It would also invest at least 30% in agriculture in the affected communities. Apart from economic investment, this investment vehicle should be partners with federal and state and local governments in area of social infrastructural developments.I believe this arrangement will make oil communities to become investment friendly communities. Because these communities would start to see oil installations as their own investments that need to be protected.
Another scheme could be in this form. In each of the oil producing communities, government would be giving out handouts (something like $200 per family) to the people each month. These handouts would be tied up with some conditions such as these; that they (villagers) should send their children to school and have other streams of income. However, government should also let them know that getting these handouts are dependent on the number of oil wells in their communities, and peacefully allowing oil companies to transact business in their areas.In conclusion, whichever option government chooses, oil communities and their militias must surrender their weapons.


Kagho said...

This article is amazing because it proffers better solutions to the Niger Delta crisis than the Federal Government of Nigeria. If it is fine tuned and implemented the oil bearing communities will be shareholders and stakeholders and will treat oil installations as their own investment. Finally, there will rapid and unimaginable development in the Niger Delta.

Emeka said...

The truth is that I have not taken time to read that development plan
because I do not have any trust in the whole thing. I just believe that
man is only reacting to the pressure from the militants and there is no
genuine effort behind all these.
If I must comment on the issue, it is a pity that we are looking for
time solutions to a long term problems. Nigeria as a whole needs
and not just the Niger Delta. It is high time each and every
institution and
establishment start thinking about how things can be done better for
general good of all Nigerians.
The government has a responsibility to provide social amenities and
infrastructure that will enable people develop themselves in whatever
that interest them. If you insist that a certain group of people must
go to
school and maybe study Engineering simply becauase they are from a
zone, you will be denying them the opportunity of producing sportmen
It is not all about natural resources, it is all about the productive
capacity of the people. So many countries are doing well today not
they have oil or what have you, they have people who are taking this
resouces from countries like ours and making products that are sent
back to
these countries, can you imagine Nigeria, exporting crude oil and
refined products? This is just one example, whata about cocoa, etc
The government should provide infrastructure(stable power, water,
schools, sporting facilities and good economic policies) and that will
kickstart the development of the country.
It is wrong for us to be thinking we are too many for us to be rich,
that we will now be focusiung on particular areas, what we have is more
enough. You and I are in the oil n gas industry we are aware of the low
level of paticipation of Nigeria in the industry. By merely making the
industry work will change alot of things for us.
I can go on and on but let me stop now and do some work.
This comment was written by terso ayami

calculus said...

It may take some time, but I believe we'll get there someday. We will!


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